Life At Reunion

​From winding lanes to wide front porches, wooded trails to pristine fairways, deep blue lakes to exquisite architecture, Reunion is rich with the details of life well lived. An unwillingness to settle for less than the very highest standards makes this Madison County development more than a network of nice neighborhoods. Reunion is a vibrant community of uncompromised quality, preserving the best of nature’s bounty to promote a balance of life and play, family and friends, marvelous aesthetics and matchless convenience.

A Natural Escape

Here, life is about savoring—not settling.

The story of Reunion begins with the land upon which it is built: Acre upon acre, one thousand and then another, of wooded knolls, sun-dappled vistas and verdant splendor. From this land an antebellum plantation was carved, and then, more than a century later, Reunion was born. For those seeking a home—and a life—of rare richness and vibrancy, Reunion offers an extraordinary backdrop of inviting landscapes and calming water views. Surround yourself with its natural beauty for an invigorating start and soothing close to each day.

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Golf & Country Club

It’s easy to be active…

…when you live in a setting that encourages you to go outside and play! The centerpiece of Reunion Golf & Country Club is the award-winning 18-hole course designed by Bob Cupp, offering both advanced and novice golfers exciting play. But golf is only the beginning: there are numerous other ways to stay in shape and improve your game at Reunion. Whether you’re into tennis, fitness classes, weights or swimming, the Golf & Country Club has a membership level to accommodate your interests.

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Equestrian Center

Riding daily can be a reality at Reunion.

Start and end every day your way at Reunion. With Reunion Farms right next door, having a horse and riding as often as you choose are well within your reach. Instruction is available for all ages and interests, and safety is always the No. 1 consideration. The equestrian sports that were once remote possibilities, for yourself or for members of your family, can become routine activities when you live at Reunion — whether or not you own a horse.

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