Equestrian Center

No need to choose between your kingdom and your horse at Reunion. You’re both in the right place to enjoy the royal treatment. Our 56-stall boarding facility includes covered arena, showers, riders lounge, 24/7 video surveillance and acres of prime pastureland. Reunion Farms’ meticulous attention to every detail of providing the very best care for your horse means that no matter what your schedule, you can rest assured that your horse enjoys the pampering of a “mane” event at the premier equestrian community in Mississippi. The relaxed, friendly community at Reunion Farms encourages our boarders to enjoy whichever riding disciplines they choose. We have English and western riders, jumpers, hunt seat, dressage, trail riders, fox hunters, barrel racers and reiners just to name a few.

Peerless instruction: Riders of all skill levels and interests will find an invaluable resource at Reunion Farms, where we offer a broad-based curriculum that includes general horsemanship, dressage, hunt seat, jumping and trail riding. With a philosophy of safety first and an emphasis on good basics supplying the foundation for success, our goal is to provide the proper environment and necessary instruction to enable our riders to excel in their chosen discipline, whatever it may be.

The Reunion Farms Equestrian Center facility includes:

  • Each stall has its own private/locking tack storage
  • Daily turnout in supervised pastures
  • 4 Hot / Cold Wash Stalls
  • 220’ x 110’ Indoor Arena
  • 200’ x 100’ Outdoor Arena
  • Round Pen
  • Small outdoor recuperative pens
  • 6 Miles of Riding Trails
  • Automatic Fly Spray Systems – Both Barns

The stable also includes a riders’ lounge and shower. Boarded horses are cared for meticulously — their well-being assured with a late night “bed check” each night — and have access to the finest veterinarians and farriers in the area. We offer the best quality hay and feed for our horses as well as many extra services riders might require.

Our Manager and Assistant Manager are also horse owners and riders. They look after the horses that are boarded at Reunion Farms as if they were their own. The number one priority is the welfare of the horses who have been entrusted to Reunion Farms for safe keeping!

Boarding includes:Twice daily feeding (feed & hay), fresh water multiple times a day, stall cleaning, bedding in stalls, 7 day turnout in our pastures (exercise on any day when turnout is not feasible due to weather) and blanketing when necessary. If a horse needs to be closely monitored for health reasons, we have temporary cameras that provide us with the ability to look in on such a horse at any time. Special feed or hay is available at an extra charge. Use of Reunion Farms facilities is included in the monthly fee for all Boarders. There are no annual dues for people who board at Reunion Farms. For boarding rates and other information, please contact Tom Brown at the Reunion Farms office. (contact information is below)

Questions? Please email rfarms@netdoor.com or call (601) 853-0409.