Property Owners

Like a fine wine that improves with age, Reunion grows more beautiful each day. And as it does Reunion property owners are rewarded for their investments, reinforced in their individual decisions to live well. It’s not unusual for Reunion property owners to put down roots several times within the community; there’s so much here to appreciate and aspire to.

Property Owners Association

POA Protects Your Treasure.

To live in Reunion is to be in control of your environment. It is to be confident that the choice you made, the site on which you built your dream, is truly a treasure—a prized possession, a cherished home. And it will remain so throughout the generations. As a member of the Property Owners Association (POA), you play an active role in making it so and in strengthening the ties that keep your community vibrant.

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Covenants & Restrictions

Covenants Secure Your Enjoyment.

With 947 home sites (762 of which are sold), 708 homes completed and 30 homes under construction, Reunion’s aesthetics and ambiance are reinforced through its sound Covenants and Restrictions. More than a set of rules, they are the stalwart foundation, resilient framework and essential details that enhance your investment and secure your ability to enjoy everyday life year after year.

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Architectural Review

Architectural Review Enriches Beauty.

Architectural Review assures all property owners that the myriad “pieces” of the Reunion puzzle fit together securely, defining and complementing the masterpiece that is the whole. Architectural Review is an ongoing process, from initial design through alterations or additions, to promote harmony, protect the natural feel of land and waterscapes and create timeless streetscapes. More than a set of specs, Architectural Review is a guiding force in maintaining the high standards that enrich Reunion, enhancing its enduring appeal.

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